Tracking and Billing for School District Application - TABSDA

is a custom copyrighted program developed by NW Information Advantage in conjunction with Idaho School Districts to Submit, Track and reconcile Medicaid Billing.


Electronically Transfer Data

TABSDA is EDI compliant with 837P, 835, 270 and 271 ASCX12N.  Upload and download files to submit and reconcile billing, and Check eligibility.


Monitors Data Entry and Reduces Errors

 Billing entry is monitored by 20+ billing compliance warnings and restrictions.  Reduces denials almost entirely and makes data audit friendly.


Centralizes Child Data

Child and Provider data is complete in one program that can be networked up to 10 users, more if required.


Tracks Expiring Documents

Track vital documentation to ensure students stay eligible for billing.


Reconciles Claims

Reconcile system to identify denied and pending claims.   Provides easy methods to re-bill and resubmit.



License Agreement

 School district pays a one time fee which includes license for up to 10 users, install, configuration and importation of data (if available). Also includes 1 year of training and support.   Contact for price.


No Commissions or Fees

There are NO ongoing fees or commissions with the purchase of TABSDA.


Updates and Customizing Available

Annual updates of TABSDA can be purchased.  Custom programming available at $130/hr.